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Amazingly Fast!!

- Kelly - San Antonio, TX


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

- Nathan - Las Vegas, NV


My daughter is 12 and has had oral canker breakouts for the longest time. This was a wonderful find.

- Sue - Roy, UT


I've searched high and low for anything that works for my oral cankers. Thank you, my search is over.

- Linda - Seattle, WA


Thank GOD! This is it!

- Rod - Pocatello, ID


You saved me!

- Becky, Portland, MN


I've had one or two canker breakouts a month my whole life. Since using The Canker Spanker, I haven't had a canker in six months!

- Lori - Denver, CO


I love The Canker Spanker because it's small, discreet and it works!!!

- Marty - Plymouth, OH


It works!

- Michael  - Walnutport, PA


I've been using this product to prevent COLD SORES, and it works wonderfully!

- Ben - New York, NY


My prescription costs $75 every time I have a canker breakout. The Canker Spanker is far less and works better. Go figure!

- Mitch - Cody, WY


Your product works amazingly. I had the start of a canker sore and took one pill and it backed off immediately. Doctors always wanted to prescribe antiviral meds but I knew that the outbreaks preceded my monthly cycles and I could not find a solution. Thank You!

- Kristi - Davepark, IA


My husband gets canker sores several times a year and sure enough, he got one over Christmas. I pulled out this nice little tin of The Canker Spanker and he gave it a try. He said he's never had anything work so well on canker sores!

- Songberries Blog - Small Town, UT

These pills work wonders, while I was taking The Canker Spanker I did not break out at all, but now I have 3-4 large sores. Can I get another shipped out today?

- Tiffany - Alma, AR

Worked great.

- Deanna - Wallingford, CT